Jamezz is a self-order app which would love to support you and your team. Your guests will be able to order via their own smartphone, order food and drinks or place service requests.

Every location has its own accessories with a unique QR-code and webcode. The guest has the option to use Jamezz in two ways; by using the Jamezz app or visiting the website (www.jamezz.nl) After scanning the QR-code or entering the web-code your menu is shown provided with all sorts of options. Just like your own employees, Jamezz is able to perform upselling. Does someone order a coffee? Our app can suggest something tasteful on the side.

The user is not required to create an account and the app is designed in a way that it’s easy to use for everyone. Jamezz is fun and keeps things simple! After uploading your menu, the menu will be translated into multiple languages. Jamezz speaks Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. To keep all your international customers satisfied, Jamezz will keep on studying to learn even more languages.

Your guests now have the choice to order via the staff or by using the app. This way you can serve everyone the way they prefer. With the support from Jamezz you can divide your staffing more efficient so your guests will receive the service they deserve. Happy customers will return more often, order more and will provide positive publicity for your business. Experience shows that using Jamezz increases the amount of orders, raises turnover and provides more time for personal attention.

Together with Jamezz you will be able to innovate your service and differentiate your business. Using this self-order app you will stand out and you will give your customers something extra!